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The Topic: pulling back the curtain

the blanket
I hate to ruin the whole illusion, but about how many of you are back there, writing? And has it been the same group since the launch, or do people come and go?


Cigarette-Smoking Man
I'll divulge everything, but only if you return the favor.

Cigarette-Smoking Man
I need you to wave your arms in the air.

The Illuminati
He's not going for it.

Well, then I'm not going to be able to pick him out.

The Illuminati
See, this is why we need to have the mysterious encounters in dark alleyways and not over the internet.

the blanket
geeze, how good are you conspiracy people if you don't even notice that I'm a GIRL!

We're terribly sorry ma'am, this is exactly the sort of thing that happens with new writers.

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