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I know who Parker Posey is. She always plays the same role, though. Well, not the same role but she always acts the same. She was in The House of Yes, Waiting for Guffman, Dazed and Confused, Scream 3, and some play with Matthew Broderick called Taller Than a Dwarf or something. And other movies I can't remember, I'm sure.


 John Horatio Malkovich
I'm with you on that. I'm tired of actors always playing the same role in every move. Display some fucking adaptability here, people!


 The Daring Dragoon

 Brisco County Jr.

 Wendy MacLeod
Have you lost your fucking mind?

Motion Picture Association of America  
Parker Posey accounts for roughly 47% of our revenue. Her pictures have amassed billions. None of them have done very well at the box office, but there have been thousands of them.

Stephen Hawking  
Your numbers appear to be off by several orders of magnitude.

 Motion Picture Association of America
No, I'm sure our numbers are fine. After all, we can precisely notify that the vicious DeCSS program has already resulted in a loss of trillions of dollars. Millions of copies of it are floating around in "cyberspace."

 Carl Sagan
No question there. She's been in billions and billions of films.

 Hot hot lesbian action
Parker Posey's acting talents are as broad as you could imagine. If you think she plays the same role over and over again, you're not paying attention.

A Pair of 34DD Breasts  
She's played shallow party girls before, in Party Girl and Dazed & Confused, for example.

 Wendy MacLeod
But don't forget the range she's displayed in Henry Fool and The House of Yes. If it seems like she plays a kind of role, it's because that's what she's being paid to play, not because she can't do something different. It takes bold movie makers with fresh scripts to give an actor that dynamic potential.

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