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Shouldn't pop culture icons be savvy of pop culture? Were all of you born during the eighties, or what?


Well... no...
The 70's, mostly.

But we grew up in the 80's!

 Mr. T
And that's the truth, sucka!

I guess that's what I meant. So double-dumbass on me.

 Old, Tired Kirk
I like your style.

Thank you ever so much for explaining the joke. There's probably two outer mongolians with perfect pitch singing 300 baud modem tones that didn't get the reference.

 Lester Knight Chaykin
I think I'm in love.

Is this hit on the new chick night?

Every night is that night.

Bill & Ted  
So, are you doing anything tomorrow?

 Bill & Ted
Shut up, Bill! I saw her first!

Bill & Ted  
No way! I saw her before you even got out of the phonebooth.

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