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The Topic: Archives Question

I was just looking through the archives, and found... well, it seemed to have to do with doughnuts, and a "near-life" experience, and it proved to me once again that you guys had the right idea by kicking Lester off this site. Now, I know it has been a long time since November of 2000, but would it be possible for you to explain what the HECK was meant by "ARRR NUMM etc.."???


The Sea Captain
Y'ar, tis a tall tale that began with a random question. There were some cruel pranks
played by the rest of the crew. Tis a wonder he didn't get scurvy by the

Comic Book Store Guy
Oh, yes, because I'm sure a donut will protect you from scurvy.

Bart Simpson
Seems to have worked for you so far, tubby.

Comic Book Store Guy
I choose to not dignify that with an answer.

Lisa Simpson
Sorry to nitpick here, Rydia, but I'd just like to point out that none of this happened in November!

Mr. Burns
It seems someone needs more practice with their web surfing device.

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