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 Bart Mancuso
In light of the recent loss of the two hard drives with nuclear weapons secrets from the Los Alamos Atomic Reseach Labs, do you feel that the United States is less secure than it has been in the past, or do these things just make the news more easily now? Also, do you feel that this indicates a lower level of patriotism/pride in the United States? If so, where does it stem from and what do you think could be done about it? If not, why not?


 Denis Leary
Of course we're less secure. They just come over the border whenever they want. If I see another wetback taking a job from a honest hard-working american boy, well I'm just gonna start building a 12 foot brick wall myself all the way from San Diego to the mouth of the Rio Fucking Grande.

Whoa! Whoa! This askee didn't ask for a racist load of propoganda. He had a serious question.

 Lame Action Movie Cliché
The United States Security is waning....Pride in the US is dropping radically. The nation despretly needs a hero to ban together under one flag.... one man... one legend.... the only one who can recover the hard drives that could spell doom for the entire world should they fall into the wrong hands... that man is....

 Bob Dole

Bob Dole

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