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The Topic: who?

The Asker
conversatron zero, will you be my valentine?


Sal "Dumptruck" Catalano
Yeah, and I suppose you want us to "meet" you in some sort of "secluded" alley for our date.

Sal "Dumptruck" Catalano
Take a walk, sweetheart. Valentine's day is 8 months away, but your line is older than Cooper's sock garters.

Agent Cooper
You know, I was thinking, Justice. Wouldn't it be great to have a little gadget that you could stick under a table, and it'd be like a microphone that you could listen to with the wireless?

Dean Justice
Yeah, sure, whatever. Next thing you'll want is to be bulletproof.

Agent Cooper
I just want to know what Catalano's like in private. What he talks about. Think about it, it'd be a tremendous advantage.

Sal "Dumptruck" Catalano
'ey I just thought of a joke. What is the dif-fer-ence between Agent Cooper and a glass?

A glass holds more booze!

Skunky Van Ness
That's a good one, Sal.

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