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 The Void
Anyone know a good site to Download anime? I'm looking for Record of the Lodoss Wars or any other anime similar?


That one's hard to find. How about settling for the 8-Track of the Lodoss Wars instead?

 The Void
hehe I was looking for a chea way to get it.
How about Card Captor Sakura? anyone know where I can get that?

 Bug-Eyed Earl
I came down with that once in Bangladesh, it had me fartin' out blood for a week. If you want to get it, I could come over and kiss you, I hear the little buggies never quite leave the bloodstream.

 The Void
How would it get from your bloodstream to you salivary glands? Do you have a cut in your mouth?

P.S. Anyone notice the changing gender symbols? hehe

 Doctor Frank-N-Furter
Oh yes, I've.....     noticed.

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