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The Topic: The Puppet-Dog-Thing

I wanna give him a hug!! Please?? And if he's really good, maybe a kiss on the ... uhhh... does he have a cheek?


Dean Justice
Of all the bureaus in this town she had to walk into mine.
Her eyes and heart were as cold as that block of ice Anchorage that she called her home.

Dean Justice
She needed me to track something down, they always do.
Her money was as good as the rest, better than most, so I agreed to do the job.

Dean Justice
The mark was some corporate shill, hocking his two-bit wares to anybody who would stay and listen.
But I couldn't help but feel that there was something else behind it. As if it was just a pawn -- a puppet -- of the dog-eat-dogfood world of pet supply retail.

The Puppet-Dog-Thing
Oh wow, film noir!
I love film noir!

Dean Justice
When a dame flashes the kind of green she had, it's usually not a good idea to ask too many questions.
Usually she wants a few incriminating photos to use against cheating husband.
But this time it felt different.
It felt like finding this guy would result in a gruesome end for him by the ice queen.

Ooooh! There he is!!! OMG!!! Mr. Puppet-Dog-Thing, Be prepared.... I'm gonna huggle ya to death!

Dean Justice
And no one would ever suspect a thing.

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