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The Topic: Bush in Europe

The Asker
Spain hates us. The European Union will soon invade. We are all finished. Thank you, Mr Bush.


George W. Bush
Are you kidding? I'm turning on the charm, these guys are eatin' out of my hand. Heck, they'll be wanting to have two missile defense shields by the time I'm done here.

Crow T. Robot
Like we need to worry about Spain, anyway. The only problem I can see is that maybe after we kick their asses back into the 16th century, they'll be able to go get that goofy Spanish Armada of theirs and bore us to death with 'tall ship' expositions. Ha!

Tom Servo
So, for some reason you've switched your irrational hatred of Japan over to Spain?

Crow T. Robot
Nah, I still hate Japan too.

George W. Bush
Heh, "Armada" guys and your made-up words.

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