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The Topic: Fast

A. Gross
I am impressed with the consistency of your response time. You are much faster than the others. I praise you and your strange affection for film noir.

Have you considered using the noir characters and the MST3K characters inc reating an online remake of "The Maltese Crow?"


Tom Servo
Wait, isn't that what we're doing now?

Crow T. Robot
We can't because I'm not made of maltese, I'm mostly molybdenum.

Doctor Drinkmeier
The "Maltese Crow" wasn't made of "maltese," foolish robots.

Agent Cooper
Finally, now we're getttin' somewhere, Doc. Turns out it was a forgery, then?

Doctor Drinkmeier
It vasn't even a crow!

Agent Cooper
Whoa, now. This case has more twists and turns than the Jersey Turnpike.

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