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The Topic:
Feels Like Summer Camp

The Question:

Remember the last day when everyone would be crying and hugging and promising to keep in touch. We all had those dork/nerd/geeky paper plates around our necks where we wrote messages and addresses so we could be best friends forever? it just me...*stares sadly at some paper plates on some string*

Tom Servo  

Hey, yeah, I remember that! Hey Joel, remember when you put the paper plate around your neck and then wrapped your head in tin foil and said "I am Iron Man?"

Joel Robinson  

Um, that was when I was dressing up as "Jiffy Pop" popcorn. It's not exactly the same thing.

 Crow T. Robot

It's the closest we have, since you never sent us to summer camp!

 Joel Robinson

We were stranded in space, you know.

Tom Servo  

And it ruined our childhoods!

Joel Robinson  

You two never had childhoods.

 Crow T. Robot


It doesn't make it hurt any less.

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