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The Topic:
You're really going to do it...

The Question:

I will never get posted... You make it seem as if it was meant to be...

*sighs loudly*

 The Tick

Some things were meant to be.

 The Tick

Like me and my loyal chum patroling The City, or evil trying to stuff it's ugly head into the oven of justice.

 The Tick

Alas, our fair site is sailing off into the night. What have we learned? What has this voyage into the beyond taught us?

 The Tick

That evil is only a temporary thing for Disney, that perhaps a weird little internet site is enough for love, that it's hard to move on, even though perhaps greater adventure lies ahead. But mostly, that a bunch of fictional characters can bring joy into the strangest places.

 The Tick

Yes, chum, it's been a great adventure, smiles, laughs and a few frowns, and that's what being a superhero is all about.

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