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The Fallen Tree

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For the past couple of weeks I've been building a Q&A site called The Fallen Tree. I know it probably seems like I'm using you, but I was wondering if you could let people know about it before you go down. I'm still working out the bugs and a thing or two isn't implemented yet.

Also, I wanted to say goodbye and good luck to the people at The Conversatron. I had a lot of laughs reading your site and you were my inspiration. I hope I can be half as entertaining as you were (And hopefully will continue to be).

Space Moose  

Jesus Christ!
That site threw up more exit consoles than a 2 bit Bangkok Hooker!

Space Moose  

You wanna try that URL again, buddy?


Hrm, ya. It's probably the most annoying 404 I've ever seen, but they let me use PHP for free.

If all else fails, works.

Thanks for the link!

Space Moose  

What the fuck?
That one doesn't work either.
Are you jerking me around? Because I have a place I go for that, and you're not as good at it.

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