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I'm gonna miss you guys WAY too much!
Now I WILL have to get a life!

Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding  

So.. uh... doing anything this weekend?
Olympia isn't that far away and it looks like I'll have a lot of free time now.


errr..... yeah.... I'm going to, um... a party tonight... and a .... a play tomorrow... so I'll be busy...


Um, yes, quite busy, unless Naked Washing Machine Boy is reading this... I'll MAKE myself free for him!

Naked Washing Machine Boy  

I never knew I was such a lady's man.

Naked Washing Machine Boy  

Rather, lady's boy.

Naked Washing Machine Boy  

Er, lady's machine.


Oh, you ANIMAL, you!


I don't know, NWMB, I think every woman should have a machine like you.
And a dishwasher too!

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