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Taco insurance

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So how exactly does a "restaurant" such as Taco Bell manage to actually find taco insurance? Apparently there's some company that wrote up a nice contract saying they'll foot the bill and buy tacos for the teeming (read: obese) millions of US citizens if a giant fireball of a ramshackle space-fungus-infested Russian space station crashes onto a floating bullseye in the South Pacific. I wonder how Taco Bell managed to find an insurance company to do this. I'd also like to know how hard the lawyer is trying to erase this contract from his record. I know I'd hate to look back at my life and remember the great Space Taco Contract of '01. Meh. Maybe some intelligent life form from some distant galaxy will visit us and the first thing they see upon entering our atmosphere will be a giant FREE TACO HERE bullseye, whereupon they will turn around and leave, granting us blissful ignorance until another more belligerent race decides to come and blow our planet and its floating bullseye to kingdom come. Okay, I'm done.


Actually, we would almost certainly try to land on said target. I mean, free tacos!


Only when we discovered that the free tacos went only to U.S. citizens and not to the beings who actually hit the target, would we begin vaporizing your cities! HA HA HA!





for some reason I could really go for a taco right now.

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