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Of lobsters and magnets...

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 The Sack

See, this is the kind of thing at the 'Tron that scares me. The original lobster magnet thread doesn't get a star, so it won't get put in the archives. The next lobster magnet thread, which is mucho funny and referring to the previous one, gets a star, and then gets put into the archives. Now when the human race dies out and a superior form of goldfish roams the lands some five million years from now, and they find all of the Coversatron's archives stashed away on some remote island, they're going to read the only lobster magnet thread of the two, and they're not going to get the joke! My god, did you even THINK about the goldfish people?!

 The Writers

Actually, the ratings system has nothing to do with what threads are archived.

The Writers  

If we think a thread is funny and it relates to another one, we'll usually try to archive that one too. So don't worry.

 The Writers

We're always thinking about the Goldfish people.

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