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Strangely enough, I just happen to be going there this evening... What a small world. Unfortunately, Romeo is nowhere near a direct line from Lansing to Ypsi. Tell Dokken (the 80's hair metal band? I don't think they'd all fit in my car anyway...) that if she can get to Novi by 6 pm, she might have a ride.

Drew Carey  

That's only 50 miles, so if you can walk 38 miles an hour, Dokken, you're all set!

 Hugh Manatee

Whoa! My Dad used to live in Romeo. It was a bit north for a manatee, but still....

Drew Carey  

That's great and all, but you're kinda stepping on my joke there, Hugh.

 Mimi Bobek

Yeah, let's limit it to one quarter-ton mammal per question around here, huh?

 Hugh Manatee

Oh sorry, I didn't recognize that as a "joke"

 Hugh Manatee

Just Kidding, Drew, keep up the good work... or something.

 Hugh Manatee

Oh, and Mimi, people tell me that I'm ugly. I can't even fathom what you hear from them.

Drew Carey  

Hey, now, be fair, at least she knows enough to stay clear of outboard motors when she's swimming.

 The Referee


Collateral reference to Mimi in a swimsuit.
Wash mouth out with soap.

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