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PC Gamer just gave out a bunch of classic games for free on their CD. This has caused me to go back and revisit a lot of old games. What games do you suggest I start off with first?


Um... what games are actually on the CD?

Who cares? They will just have weird incompatiblities with your modern hardware and run too fast if they run at all.

Well, I'm not limited to the games on the CD. I have many other games floating around. Plus, I quickly ran a few of the games to see if they would still work, and surprisingly, they do. Now all I need is a game to start the retro-gaming fun.

 Fwiffo of the Spathi
I would of course recommend Star Control 1 and 2, hunam. They are both rolicking adventures, although the second is much better, because I play a star-ring role!

Homer Simpson  
I played a computer game once where you controlled these little Lemming guys and they marched around mindlessly like little Lemmings and these Lemmings could take on different jobs like miner-Lemming or climber-Lemming.

I think it was called "Those Little Guys who You Have to Save in Order to Win the Game."

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