The Topic: The Conversatron - The rules

Ok, kids, we've been having some problems with this, so let's go over the rules of the Conversaton. Narrator can start us off.


First rule, you do not talk about the Conversatron.

Who Is Tyler Durden?  
Second rule, you do not talk about the Conversatron

Third rule, you don't put Conversatron material in your fucking ISP home directory
A. Being lazy is no excuse,
B. Neither is being in a hurry.

Ewan McGregor  
Fourth rule, a thread goes until someone says stop or goes limp... even if he's faking it.

 Bill Clinton
Fifth rule, only one asker to a thread.

Henry Rollins  
Sixth rule, only one thread at a time.

 Yakov Smirnoff
Seventh rule, no shirts or shoes during a thread

Oh, yeah.

Homer Simpson  
Eigth rule, threads go on for as long as they have to.

 John Horatio Malkovich
Christ guys, not funny anymore... This joke went too far.

 Test Pattern

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