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Ethnic Foods

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 Da Pope a

I was in Wegmans today and in the ethnic foods area they had Atari brand noodles. I know Atari roughly means "Get ready to be attacked", but is to fear from this pasta?

 Atari Corporation

Actually, being a term from the game Go, it's more like naming something "Checkmate Noodles," or the like. So not really that unusual.

 Atari Corporation

The name of the company was originally going to be "Syzygy," but I don't know if anyone would want noodles named that.

 Atari Corporation

And "is to be feared from this pasta?"

What does that mean? Not all the early video games were terribly mistranslated, you know.

Mario 64  

All your base is now belong-a to us!

 Steve Ballmer

When the X-Box is introduced you will have no chance to survive make your time.

 Atari Corporation

You all sicken me.

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