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Re: Half a Billion Dollars

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Half a billion to promote != half a billion to advertise

Advertising is only one of five methods of promotion, You must consider also the cost of things like securing distribution channels and even training sales personnel. Not to mention the fact that they probably put some money into something like, having the product featured in a movie, etc.

Ugh, shoot me and my "I had a marketing test tonight" self now, please?

John Cleese  

Sorry, no. I'm afraid we can't afford to have you shot.

 Crow T. Robot

Awk! No Advertising! *whistle*

Tom Servo  

Thanks, Crow!

 Crow T. Robot

Okay, now I can have the last Swiss Cake Roll like you said, right?


Swiss Cake Roll!
Arr Umm Numm Numm!!

 Crow T. Robot

Hey! Tom said I could have it! I called it!


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