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The nice people

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What happened to the nice people? They're reading, where they get answers that are much less insulting. I only come back here for the HOT HOT LESBIAN ACTION.

Tom Servo  

Boy, a site that actually cares enough about their users to put up "Members Bios" and such.

 Crow T. Robot

I thought we were going to far allowing them to have names! We were first with that, weren't we?

Tom Servo  

Well, sorry guys, but making fun of things is our bread and butter. We can't be expected to change now! Heh-heh. Sorry!

 Crow T. Robot

How can we compete with a site that has a theme song like that anyway? chicka-chicka-wow...MASTER NINJA THEME SONG!

Tom Servo  

Crow, buddy, I don't even think they use that 'song' at...

 Crow T. Robot


Joel Robinson  

I'm surprised he lasted that long without starting it.

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