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Yeah, it's not party conversation, so what, Mom. What was the rational for going to a 5-point scale over a 10-point scale? I thought the 10-pointer allowed more subtleties in the scoring.


 Fuchsia of the Melnorme
That's a good question, with a very interesting answer.

Then that answer must obviously be different from the one you gave.

 Fuchsia of the Melnorme
Considering that we never simply 'give' answers, your statement is correct.

Prof. Utonium  
It's all very techincal. It would take a scientist to explain it.

Well, engineers are sort of scientists.

Fine, the "real" answer. The problem was never precision on the user end, because how much funnier is a "7" than a "6"? The added precision is in the internal storage of the voting results.


Well, for instance, I thought "the monk" was worth a 9 old skool (before the Tron stuff stunk it up). But is that a 4 or a 5 now? I just don't know... And a 7 is one point funnier than a 6.

Since this thread is unamusing to you, here's a joke.

A man walks into a bar, behind the counter there's a sign that says "Cheese Sandwiches $2 Hand Jobs $10"

He asks the lady behind the counter, "Are you the gal that gives the hand jobs?"

She replies, "Yes, I am"

"Well wash those hands and make me a cheese sandwich!"

Trust us, 5 levels is enough.
Who wants to micromanage humor ratings to 10 levels?

The Avatar  
A level 10 humor mage?

So what is the star scheme now with 5 stars? 3/4/5? or some fractional division?

 Lego Man
That sounds reasonable. I actually have no idea, they don't tell me anything around here.

Poor Lego Man. I bet you'd have more fun if they put in a Lego Woman. Or a Lego Sheep.

 Lego Man
I'm not pleased by that remark, but since my face is stuck in this stupid smile, you'll have to trust me on that.

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