The Topic: The Conversatron - Private message to britney

Sorry for my last comment, that was very rude of me. Forget i said it.


 A Pair of 34DD Breasts
Sorry, Britney can't be here right now, we'll have to respond for her

Hey britney, whatsup?

 A Pair of 34DD Breasts
But we're not...

 Assistant D.A. Dan Fielding
Hey there Britney, great new album

 A Pair of 34DD Breasts
But, like we said... we're not....

 Conan O'Brien
Hey Britney.... hope you're having a good day answering questions....

 A Pair of 34DD Breasts
But... for the last time... she's not here.... we're....

 Special Agent Fox Mulder
Hey Britney.

 A Pair of 34DD Breasts
Never mind

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