The Topic:
Rating system for questions

The Question:

Lester Knight Chaykin, Tom Servo, Crow T. Robot, Clippy, Dilbert, Stephen Hawking, Ayn Rand
1. "Mr. T"
2. "All your base..."
3. Comments on woman askee
Any of the above earn a question 5 automatically, regardless of content.

Otherwise, start with base score of 3.
* Elicits laughing +2
* Elicits chuckling +1
* cute picture on woman askee icon +1
* Stupid American lore that nobody else understands -1
* Lenghty explanation of Conversatron procedures -2
* Meaningless one-liners -2
* Involves Bacon or bacon in any form -3

Now you too are on your way to grade Conversatron questions with objective procedures !


Is this a rating system or a drinking game?


Because I'm thinking of cutting out all the weird calculations and going straight to the drinking part.

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