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Man, that was one of the paintings we looked at in my Hum class. Our Professor explained how it was all an allegory for the French revolution. Notice how the figure being devoured resembles the statue of liberty? It's symbollic of the horrors of the revolution, the beheadings and all of that, devouring the revolutionary spirit.

Wow, I just posted something intelligent and thought provoking to the Conversatron. What're the odds that it'll see the light of day?

 Crow T. Robot

Servo? I think I just felt something... something unsual. Somthing I've never felt before.

Tom Servo  

Perhaps what you felt was a thought, provoked by this thought provoking topic.

 Crow T. Robot

 Crow T. Robot

No, I don't think that's it. It's probably just all this coleslaw I felt the inexplicable need to pack into my body housing this morning.

Tom Servo  


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