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I never got to eat any of those fancy sweetened kids' cereals when I was little. I got to try Frosted Flakes a couple of times. and that's about it. Mom never let me have any of the marshmallow ones, no matter how much I wanted them. Now I see them, and I think "Why did I ever want that? Those marshmallows look pathetic!" About the only use I have for them now is that Cinnamon Toast Crunch makes a good ice cream topping. What about you? Did you have those super-sugared/marshmallowy/chocolatey/fruity-licious cereals when you were kids? Which ones did you like (was it just because of the cartoon characters that sold them?) and when did you outgrow them?


 Tony Slattery
I just like Twiglets

Well you're in luck, Tony, because out next game is "Props." Now you team up with the next askee to walk in that door; your prop is two handfuls of Twiglets. The other team's props are Purple Horseshoes and Red Balloons.

 Tony Slattery
Can't I just make up a hoedown about cereal?

 Tony Slattery
Oh I eat breakfast often
I eat it everyday
I eat it on sundays
and I eat it on holiday
But one fateful morning, I got a big surprise
I hadn't had cereal at all, it was Someone's eyes!

If this were The Gong Show, you would SO be gonged right now.

 Tony Slattery
Oh, well... fuck off. I can't help it... I'm British.

And as we all know, the British are NOT funny

 Juan Sanchez Villa Lobos Ramirez
Yes, but the SCOTTISH.... now, we're a bunch of funny chaps

 Connor MacLeod
Ppppst... you strutting peacock... you're egyptian.... I'm scottish

 Juan Sanchez Villa Lobos Ramirez
What? Who the hell is writing this garbage? I don't have to take this.... I'm going to go have sex with all of your mothers.

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