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The evil black marble has spoken, I suppose. But how can a site arbitrarily decide what's 'right' anyway? I mean, the speed of light is definitely not constant in a vacuum, since various gravitational singularities change things up quite a bit. You and your "I know everything" attitude. Gosh!

OH well, I suppose this is all part of being a nerd. phisicx is phun.

Have a great day.
PS post this and I'll kill you.

 Stephen Hawking

I think the point is simply that we have grown tired of talking about the subject. Since we control what is seen and not seen, we can end any discussion at any time, and that is how we can decide what is 'right,' at least here on this website.

 Stephen Hawking

And if you don't like it, bring it on! We'll see who kills who. With my new Mark IV Armored Exoskeleton, I am nigh invulnerable!

Ben Stein, esq.  

Oh it is SO on...

 Al Bundy

Bring on the noise, if you can take it smartboy...

Big Gay Al  

I've got your backs, boys!!!

 Stephen Hawking

Foolish mortals.

 Stephen Hawking


 Ring Explosion (with lens flare!)


Bob the Angry Flower  

Gee, Prof. Hawking, that was impressive, but did you have to destroy the entire metropolitan area?

 Stephen Hawking

I did what had to be done, Bob.

Bob the Angry Flower  

Great, now I'm going to have to go blow up Canada or something. We need a sign-in sheet for this sort of thing. I had dibs.

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