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Ignorence toward physics

The Question:

The speed of light is constant in a VACUUM. Dipshits. Christ.

 The Evil Black Marble

So, what part of "Now enough with these god-damned physics questions" are you people having trouble with? No one said anything about light travelling through different mediums. In case you didn't notice, we're not running a homework helpline here, so forgive us if we leave out every little detail in our hurry to mock and humiliate you all.

 The Evil Black Marble

Showing up with a little bit of physics or math or science knowledge after we post a question doesn't accomplish anything. And I'm not talking to Bickle here, but every single junior-scientist who posts these little 'corrections' to 'help' us out. So let's get something straight. We all understand high school level academics back here, okay? If we say something that isn't 100% correct, maybe we're doing it as a know, this is, in theory, a humor site?

 The Evil Black Marble

If I see one more thing about the optics of side view mirrors, the speed of light, the digits of pi, or anything else like that back here for the rest of the night, someone is going off a cliff. It doesn't matter if you disagree with us. We're the ones with the website. So we're right. Let's just call a truce, huh?

 The Evil Black Marble

And that way we won't have to talk about your "Ignorence" towards spelling.

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