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you know, it seems to me

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that those 34DDs are more like 38Ds.

34 indicates how round they are, while the letter size how far out.
34DD would be a trifle -- cone-shaped.


I'm just saying.


Look Lady, there's only one thing I know. And, that's breasts.


Something tells me you don't quite understand bra sizes. Perhaps this will help.


Although, those fellas left out the part where the letter refers to cup size and has nothing to do with "how far out" they go.

Jennifer Love Hewitt  

Actually, silly duck, cup size is calculated from the difference between the band size and the measurement around the chest...which basically is "how far out they go."

Jennifer Love Hewitt  

But really, while guys might like all these mathematical formulas, the only thing you can really do is just wear what fits, since it's not like breasts follow some pattern or anything.


Well, phaa, ummm. Ok, I guess you would know more about breasts than I do. I mean they are all that's left of your career and all.

Jennifer Love Hewitt  

No matter how "interested" you may be, Duckman, it takes a girl to straighten out these things. And at least I have a career.


Whoa! Hitting below the belt. Perhaps you would like to give me some "career counseling", if you know what I mean.

 Brodie Bruce

Wait, so it took a girl to straighten out what a girl screwed up in the first place?

Jennifer Love Hewitt  

Well, yeah.

 Dante Hicks

That's pretty much how my relationships work, too.

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