The Topic: The Conversatron - Woooooooooo!

 The Asker
Absolutely brilliant! Welcome back!

What kind of chance do the Pacers *really* have against those thrice-damned Lakers?


 Mike Nelson
Wooooooo! Packers!!

Tom Servo  
He said "Pacers", not "Packers", you dope!

 Mike Nelson
I know!

AMC Pacer  
Whoo! Pacers!

 Marvin the Paranoid Android
Whoooo. Puns.

Crow T. Robot  
Yea! Whoooo! Puns!

 Marvin the Paranoid Android
I think you ought to know I was being sarcastic.

Crow T. Robot  
Whoooo! Sarcasm!

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