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Okay, because I can't think of anything else at the moment, I'm actually going to ask for some advice.

I'm considering taking a Japanese course this upcoming semester. I've been interested in the language and culture for years now, mostly thanks to anime. The trouble is, the last time I tried to take a language was French in junior high school, and I hated it (not to mention the sucky marks). Plus, I'm not entirely comfortable with language drills on class presentations.

So, should I take the plunge and try something new, or play it safe? Bill & Ted? Saber Swallerin' Pete? I'd like to hear your opinions most of all.


Sucky "marks"?
That pegs you as an untrusted Brit. Or maybe a Canadian.

"Japanese culture" = "Anime" ?

Bill & Ted  
Dude, I too spent most of my Junior High days in "French class," if you know what I mean.

 Bill & Ted
Dude, you are such a liar. Until you were a freshman you'd never even...

Bill & Ted  
Shut up, Ted.

Saber Swallerin' Pete  
Aye, once we caught sight of Japan when we werst a' pursuing a merchantman loaded with spices and silks. Cap'n navigated us clear o' that accursed isle, whilst mumbling something about "Monster Rancher 2"

Uh, yeah, but should I take the course?

 Himura Kenshin
Hai! Anata wa nihongo ga suki degozaruyo.

Sagara Sanosuke  
Uh Kenshin, isn't it implied by the asker's comment that he doesn't know Japanese yet?

 Himura Kenshin
Oh yeah. What I meant to say was, "Yes. You will like Japanese".

I'll say. Have you seen those women in those Japanese cartoons and video games? Hubba Hubba! I know I like Japanese.

I could go for some Japanese take out right now, if you know what I mean.


u+P_uf+P,P,f+P,K,K Flying PP Elbow Kicks
u+P_uf+P,P,f+P,K,d+K Flying PP E K Sweep

Urph. Thank you.

You're welcome, Duckman.

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