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*Star Fleet Official Transmission*

To: Capt. Kirk, James T
Re: Re activation.


Star Fleet and the United Federation of Planets need you to protect Humanity from the Evil Somads at You can pick your crew, and choose any starfleet vessel you wish. Consider the Prime directive suspended. You may use any and all force you need including but not exceeding a full Photon torpedo assault on CMU and intelleq corp.

However, before resorting to violence, you exhaust all peaceful means of stopping the SOMADS. Perhaps you can leverage with the Evil spock who has great respect for you. And i am sure Space moose can distract Corey Kosak.

We need your service again Capt Kirk.

*End transmission*


Old, Tired Spock  
Captain, the transmission was not prefixed by the correct Starfleet security codes.

 Old, Tired Kirk
Well obviously. Lay in a course for the pleasure planet at Argos Prime.

Old, Tired Spock  

 Old, Tired Kirk
3 months in suspended animation has left me feeling somewhat "anxious" if you know what I mean.

Old, Tired Spock  
Captain, we have entered orbit at Argos Prime. They are hailing us.

 Old, Tired Kirk
On screen.

A Pair of 34DD Breasts  
Captain Kirk and the Starship Enterprise, welcome to the pleasure planet at Argos Prime!

Old, Tired Spock  
The planet is run by a pair of breasts? Fascinating.

Christ Man! This site's been up like one measely afternoon and shit and already the Star Trek shit. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Haven't you gotten laid in the past three months while we've been on the down-low? Christ!

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