The Topic: "Finger quotes"

What is a good, socially acceptable (or possibly unacceptable) way to let someone know that they have offended you deeply by using finger quotes? Perhaps imitating Dr. Evil -- 'Fire the "laser".'


 Marlon Brackens, Systems Analyst
Let them know that he or she is an "asshole".

 George Lowell, Investment Banker
Or, you could go and "kill their family".

I've been thinking of ways to properly use airquotes on phrases and sentences. The current way people do it, quoting each word individually, seems kind of dumb. So I propose that when you want to airquote a phrase, you use your right hand to make a single air quote at the start of the phrase, and your left hand to make a single airquote when the phrase is over.

 Pamela Anderson
You are such a doofus.

Well, it's logically consistent with the way you use quotes on paper.

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