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Can't cancel (x-y) where x=y eh?

The Question:

I decided to use inductive reasoning. First, let's assume that x=x. We know this is true for x=1. Now we can assume it is true for any value of x. Since x is arbitrary, we can take x as large as we like. If we take sufficiently large values of x, the value (x+1) is essentially equivalent, so the only important x are x less than x. So we can take x=x above, and it is also true for x+1 because x+1 is just about x.


 Ian Malcolm

You know what they say about "assume".

Dr. Egon Spengler  

It makes an ass out of you and me?

 Ian Malcolm

Well, that's true. But, I was thinking of, "assumptions are for fucking stupid people."

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