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Not that any of you care, but this past November my girlfriend of a year broke up with me to go out with another guy. In late january, she admitted to me that she still loves me, and that she's just experimenting a bit to make sure I'm the one for her before she makes any kind of long term commitment. While I obviously don't really like this, I can see where she's coming from considering we're only in highschool, but I want the 'Tron's opinion. Is it wrong of her to have dumped me for no other reason than to experiment a bit? Is this normal?

Maybe it should be an open thread at some point to see if anyone else has had similar experiences, but we all know what'll probly happen with that. =\

 Bitter Hearts

Yes, everyone has had similar experiences. Yes, it's normal. Yes, it always ends badly.

 Bitter Hearts


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