The Topic: Is Milkman Dan alright?

In Milkman Dan provides solace to Cliona by providing a link to some ponies. This is so different from Milkman Dan's normal behavior I don't know what to make of it.


 Milkman Dan
I think the way that sad girl's face lit up with a smile was reason enough.

 Ted Johnson
No really Dan, are you feeling well?

 Milkman Dan
Never better. I just wanted Cliona to be in a good mood when her parents call her up and ask about that letter I forged to them saying that Cliona is eloping to Vegas with a girl named "Butch", where she plans to pull in good money doing degrading sexual favors for visiting CEOs.

Rupert Giles  
Do do do, do, do di da do, ARGH!

Get this monstrosity out of my head!

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