The Topic: Disturbing

 Steve Buscemi
Did anyone else find Milkman Dan's reference to a chipper-shreader
disturbing? I get the chills just thinking about it.


Steve, dear, you're just getting your fictional characters and yourself confused again.

Steve Buscemi  
What, you're telling me the thought of being stuffed into a wood chipper doesn't bother you? Parts I've played aside, that's just sick.

But that's how we get deal with door to door salesmen and Jehovah's witnesses. Now if I could only figure out a way to track down those telemarketers.

 The Shredder
I'm certainly feeling chipper...

Oh, yes, it's my one joke, but I never get to say much otherwise! It's all because of those blasted turtles!

Gamera, Friend to All Children  

Honey! You're just teasing him, like you did Jay, right?

Yes Dear.

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