The Topic:

 The Tick
Check out that keen picture of me!!!

But please... TYPE CAREFULLY!!! Otherwise you may end up in a place of lesser repute!


 The Web Palette
That 404 is an outstanding likeness of you.

 The Tick
Oooo....Heh-heh... sorry about that chum... too anxious to finish the quote:

Let that be a lesson to all children everywhere: Finish what you start, or else you may end up looking like a giant fool in front of everyone! You see, Arthur, life is alot like the Conversatron: there is alot going on, and often it doesn't make sense, but somehow it all stays together! Because I am a big-blue search engine of justice! Seeking out evil, and calling 404 on it!!!

 The Tick
Arthur! I have multiple personalities again!

 The Tick
Another TICK!!!


 The Tick
Barry, is that you?

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