The Topic: Thinking what I'm thinking?

 AngryShrew (4:23 PM)
Flexo askee? Eh, eh? Eeeeeehhh?


 Bart Simpson (4:28 PM)
You suck!
That's the worst idea I've ever heard from one of you people!

Bart Simpson (4:28 PM) 
Just kidding, folks, Shrew is alright.

 AngryShrew (4:29 PM)
Oh god, I'm in broken shambles, geez, what do I do? Oh, that rascally Simpson kid has crushed my very identity...!

Oh, wait, phew! I AM alright. Thanks, Bart.

Bender (4:30 PM) 
And that pretty much sums up the 30 seconds of enjoyment anyone would get out of a Flexo askee.

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