The Topic:
It will fade

The Question:

Does anybody still think about the Dancing Baby? Mahir? Hamsterdance? AYBABTO will fade as well. YAY.

 Commander John Crichton


Brisco County Jr.  


 Douglas Adams


Baron Munchausen  


 Bug-Eyed Earl

The Nerds in the Audience  


 Princess Eilonwy


Old, Tired Kirk  

Oddly enough, the "Zero Wing Phenomenon" was the only of the so-called "Internet Cultural Viruses" to surivive after the 21st century.


:: shudder ::

Suddenly the future seem less friendly.

Lt. Commander Data  

My records indicate that the Zero Wing Phenomenon was successfully eradicated in the early 24th century.


But had an unexplained resurgence in the early 28th.

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