The Topic: the management

 macleod (11:23 PM)
don't forget to add the "made on a macintosh" gif


 The Conversatron (11:29 PM)
Actually, this is a team project, and we are running on heterogeneous systems.

 My Computer (11:30 PM)
In other words, this site has been:

 macleod (11:32 PM)
could you give us more info about the whole system? we are really interested...all the stats you can think of...all the interesting little things too...

 The Web Palette (11:33 PM)
You're in for a treat!
Our crack team of documentary experts are even now preparing an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at The Conversatron!

Look for it early March.

 macleod (11:34 PM)
yeah, you gotta rip off

but do a better job of it, ok?

Dad (11:36 PM) 
Trust us, it is really swell back here!

 Dave Thomas (12:58 AM)
Word on the street is that it has something to do with a school located in the same state as Wendy's international headquarters.

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