The Topic: Macleods

 Abaddon (10:03 PM)
Who's the best swordsman of the Macleods? Who would be "The One" if they were the only immortals left? And why isn't Methos on the site? He IS the oldest immortal.


 Alf (10:05 PM)
He's too fresh to be on this site.

 Alf (10:05 PM)
Methos: The Freshmaker.

Ha! I kill me!

 Abaddon (10:07 PM)
Can we kill Alf? And put his head on a stake on the battlements? The Conversatron does have battlements, doesn't it?

 Alf (10:20 PM)
Mentos and Altoids did a short lived joint venture called "Battlemints". We have plenty of those!

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