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Not to continue the "all your base" craze, but...

This is another AYB bit that I found, this one in Flash. I laughed for 10 minutes straight.

go here.

Does this make me pathetic?
Is it any less pathetic if it's happening in the company of my girlfriend, and she's almost totally dumbfounded at my finding humor in it?

 Crow T. Robot

Hey, Tom, all your base are belong to...

Lord Amazorn  

Okay, okay, wait a minute. Now, normally I don't take an interest in the content around here, but in the span for a few questions, you've answered an "ALL YOUR BASE" comment, something about hurting when you pee, and that stupid levitating cat thing. Not only have we answered all these before, but people post this kind of stuff ALL THE TIME. That pee one is even in the FAQ. This just encouranges them. What is it, is the staff around here just extra-lazy on the weekends, or are we really that hard up for original content?

Tom Servo  


 Crow T. Robot

There was the one post mocking alchoholism. We could try doing something there.

 Lord Amazorn

Whatever. Just know that I'm watching you guys now, and if anyone gives a straight answer to the "woodchuck" question, I'm going to lay some serious smack down.

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