The Topic: MacLeod Clan

 macleod (9:19 PM)
What are the chances that i am immortal too?


 Hyper-kinetic Engineering Student Jordan Cochran (9:29 PM)
Well, considering that three out of the five MacLeods including you on this site are immortal, and being immortal is pretty unlikely in the first place, It seems pretty unlikely, at least to me, that you are immortal too, but you can always kill yourself and find out, but don't cut off your head, 'cause then you'd be dead either way, but that's probably not a good idea in the first place, 'cause you'd be dead if you weren't immortal, and that would be bad......

 Connor MacLeod (9:30 PM)
Did you say there were five of us? I think you may have made a slight counting error.

 Hyper-kinetic Engineering Student Jordan Cochran (9:31 PM)
Well, yea. There's you, Connor, and then there's Duncan, and then there's the user who's handle is MacLeod.. and then there's that writer-lady, Wendy Macleod... and then there's....

 Hyper-kinetic Engineering Student Jordan Cochran (9:32 PM)
Oh, I get it.

 Hyper-kinetic Engineering Student Jordan Cochran (9:32 PM)
Good one.

 macleod (9:34 PM)
i don't get it...please enlighten me

 Conan O'Brien (9:35 PM)
It's funny because we didn't say Quentin MacLeod.. even if he is on this site

 The Nerds in the Audience (9:36 PM)

 Conan O'Brien (9:37 PM)
And.. um....... He sucks.....

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