The Topic: Merci Beaucoup

 M. Richard (12:15 AM)
Thank you for your very forthright and sensible answer, that you could not write for Maurice Richard satisfactorily. I suppose you had best stick to American pop culture because that is what you know. When begins, I will pester them with my requests.

I appreciate how you try with Bob and Doug.


 The Web Palette (12:18 AM)
Why people insist on including WWW in the domain name at this late stage of the game is beyond me.

Lord Amazorn (12:19 AM) 
Actually, we have very reasonable franchising rates, if some enterprising Candians felt up to it.

 Bender (12:19 AM)
I don't think 5 digits per month is very reasonable.

Lord Amazorn (12:20 AM) 
Keeps out the riff-raff.

Alf (12:20 AM) 
Oh, those people didn't need their fingers that badly.

Ha! I kill me.

 Leela (12:21 AM)
ALF, if you keep that up you won't be the only one killing you.

Alf (12:22 AM) 
Digits, get it? Ha!

 Bart Simpson (12:22 AM)
But he's right, you shouldn't respond as a person from a country you don't know very well. That's what they do in Russia!

Yakov Smirnoff (12:22 AM) 
He's right, you know?

What a country!

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