The Topic: Forum 2000

 Taoiseach (11:42 PM)
Why do they suck SO BAD? You folks answer so much more and do more interesting things. It is all about gays and computers (and math) over there. It is tedious to endure. Overall they produce the occasional stroke of brilliance, but overall your average response is superior. And THEY bad-mouth YOU?! When the techies roam over here, you also proudly flaunt your ignorance, since you don't have to pretend to be a computer. Well I say let the idiots keep their Forum!

And I am NOT an AOL drone!


 Milkman Dan (11:50 PM)
You are not an AOL drone.
You are Canadian, which is something far worse.

Bender (11:51 PM) 
Why shouldn't F2k complain about us?
We did rip them off wholesale.

 Lord Amazorn (11:51 PM)
Hey, you guys watch it or I won't renew your contracts.

Batman (11:51 PM) 
Um, I hate Candians too. And the Swiss.

 Lord Amazorn (11:52 PM)
Nice try, Batman.

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