The Topic: hey

 macleod (9:31 PM)
I wish i were a Jedi.


George Lucas (9:57 PM) 
Failing that, I suggest you consider the next best thing; buying Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace on VHS tape.

Silent Bob (10:22 PM) 

 Jay (10:23 PM)
Knock if off! This tubby fuck still tries to levitate that fucking cigarette with his mind when he thinks nobody's looking.

 Ewan McGregor (10:25 PM)
Hey Kevin, er, Bob! How'd you like to use the Force for real? I can show you the trick.

Silent Bob (10:25 PM) 

Silent Bob (10:26 PM) 

Silent Bob (10:26 PM) 
Shit yes, man! I will bear your fucking children!

 George Lucas (10:30 PM)
Ha ha. Now you've done it, Ewan. I made that mistake once. So there was this fan who I met at a lecture, and I told him I'd teach him the ways of the force. Well, of course, it was a joke, but the obsessive fuck stalked me for a year! This was in the early days, before my security team, of course.

Silent Bob (10:32 PM) 
So can you fucking teach me or what?

 Ewan McGregor (10:33 PM)
No. That's the "trick".

Silent Bob (10:34 PM) 
That was lame, you dickhead.

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