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the day has come to a end...

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I'm sorry to say this but valentine day is coming to a end... and you guys still haven't found any dates! LOSER! hahahahahahaaa! Look at me, in bed with a gorgeous tall blonde while you all geeks are stuck on the computer! MWhahaha!!!! Too bad.

Randal Graves  

So wait, he's in bed as he types to us that he's screwing a gorgeous blonde?

Randal Graves  

He's proclaiming that he is not a member of the geek corps that are stuck at their computers?

Randal Graves  

Does anyone else see any big freaking holes in his logic?

 Dante Hicks

Some people are fucking morons, Randal.

Randal Graves  

Well, duh.

This loser seems to be a prime example.

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