The Topic: Vectorballs

 RulerK (10:05 PM)
Can you please post the javascript that makes vector balls? I would like to use it to do some interesting graphics on my "Nuthin' but balls" site.


 The Norm (10:12 PM)
Certainly, I'd love to share that code. Hold on, here...

Mr. T (10:12 PM) 

Mr. T (10:13 PM) 
This web site, it ain't one of them "ate my balls" web pages, is it?

Mr. T (10:14 PM) 
I ain't lettin' no sissy ball eatin' page near our nice vectorballs!

 RulerK (10:19 PM)
No, no, no... Mr. T, I am not like that. This site is simply a demonstration of the uses of various balls in artistic ways. I was very impressed with the vector balls and want to find out how to use them to do more interesting things. May I please have the code?

Dogbert (10:20 PM) 
Your alias is hardly "1337" enough.

 The Norm (10:25 PM)
Ah, what the heck, I'm a sucker for people asking for code. Here ya go, you little dickens.

Mr. T (10:27 PM) 
That code is protected by the "T Public License". You be disrespectin' that code and I find out about it, I'm gonna bust yo ass, foo!

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